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Question to guide good practice

  • As a minimum, are you making sure that you are making multiple copies safe in multiple locations? 
  • Does your press have a plan in place to preserve long-term access to their publications? 
  • Are you familiar with Open Access mandates, including those in the country in which you are based? What impact might new regulations have on your press? 
  • Have you decided what metadata you will be recording for your books? Have you considered using specialist open metadata platforms such as Thoth Open Metadata?
  •  How will your books be archived and preserved? How will you ensure the stability of the archive?
  • Which archive is most suitable for your content and in line with the values of your press?
  •  Can you design a dissemination strategy for the outputs your press is publishing that takes into account the added benefit of ensuring your content is being archived and/or preserved? 
  • Do you have appropriate software to meet the requirement of archiving format standardisation?