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Business Models for Open Access Books

Lucy Barnes and François van Schalkwyk (2022). Business Models for Open Access Books. 

  • Short title: Business Models for OA Books

Business Models for OA Books is a second key resource on business models, and provides the reader with valuable information. It is not a single document, but a series of case studies about presses, who discuss the diverse ways in which they have structured their work, loosely following a pre-circulated template. The publishers represented in the 14 case studies are punctum books, Mattering Press, African Minds, Open Book Publishers, Lever Press, Amherst College Press, University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Arts Press, Stockholm University Press, Open Press TiU, meson press, Language Science Press, Helsinki University Press, Finnish Literature Society, and FF Open Press. One of the distinct features of the resource is that its case studies are from different parts of the world, describing how presses respond to diverse national and institutional contexts. The intention is to, in future, expand the range of case studies. Publishers can submit their case study for inclusion by providing information following a template