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Question to guide good practice

  • Who is your target audience? Have you defined and understood the specific audience you want to reach with your open access publications?

  • What are the unique selling points of your open access publications? What makes them attractive and valuable to readers? How can this knowledge be translated to your overall marketing strategy? 

  • How can you improve the content marketing strategy? Are there any gaps or opportunities to enhance your content marketing strategy? Certain hashtags or content formats like video or images that might broaden your engagement? 

  • How can you leverage social media platforms to engage with your target audience? What platforms are most relevant to your audience and how can you create meaningful interactions and conversations?

  • Are there opportunities for collaborations and partnerships, for example, with libraries, research institutions, scholarly societies, and funding agencies? Does your approach to distributing digital versions of your books and book metadata [link to relevant area of Toolkit] support your site’s discoverability?

  • Are you tracking and analyzing the impact of our open access publications? Are you collecting and analyzing relevant data, such as download statistics, citations, and social media mentions? How can you leverage this data to demonstrate the impact and value of your publications?

  • How can you foster continuous improvement in our marketing strategies? Are you regularly evaluating the effectiveness of your strategies, gathering feedback from your audience and adapting your approaches accordingly?

  • If your press is affiliated with an academic institution, have you considered liaising with the institution's marketing team to see how they can help you with your marketing efforts? 

  • Do you involve authors in designing your content marketing strategy? Do you ask them to suggest platforms, blogs, social media channels and conferences where their book should be promoted? Do you encourage them to be active in promoting their new books throughout their professional networks and/or to experiment with promoting texts through diverse media (interviews, short videos etc)?