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01. About the toolkit

The Toolkit for Small and Scholar-Led Open Access Publishers is a resource to help relevant publishers wanting to set up a pres...

02. Key resources and sources

There are number of existing resources that provide insights about how to start and/or run an Open Access publisher, covering d...

03. Starting a new publisher

Getting going as a new small or academic-led Open Access publisher

04. Brand building and reputation

Connecting with your communities and gaining trust

05. Organisation type

Choosing a structure in line with the values of the press and limiting liability

06. Governance and accountability

Creating the accountability structures needed to underpin an Open Access publisher

07. Revenue models

Considering the different methods for generating revenue as an Open Access publisher

08. Copyright and licensing

Deciding on which license to use and issues to consider when using third-party content

09. Editorial

Managing the production of high quality, potentially peer reviewed, Open Access academic books

10. Production

Managing the book production process, all the way from submisson to publication

11. Metadata management

Strategies for managing core information about your books and authors

12. Dissemination and discoverability

Ensuring digital and print versions of books can be found and reach as wide an audience as possible

13. Archiving and Preservation

How to ensure the publisher's content is available in the long term and accessible even in cases of local storage issues.

14. Marketing

Developing a marketing strategy to effectively promote publications and enhance their impact in the scholarly landscape.